‘Stagey & Proud’ at WhatsOnStage Awards 2013


It’s Wednesday morning. It’s bloody freezing and I am sitting in a room with a keyboard awaiting students and all I have ahead of me is 5 hours of singing teaching.

My mobile rings. Sir Damian Sandys is on the other end. And then it goes all blurry. I know what he said in that conversation but it took so long to process it. Sheridan Smith was singing at the Whats On Stage awards and he wondered if she could sing ‘Stagey and Proud’. Let me think on this for a second.

WTF?! This song is everywhere … Chloe Hart’s incredible debut of the song that me and Amy wrote for her has been our most commercial success as writers to date … so to have this opportunity was amazing. But not without some fear, fans can be hugely territorial when it comes to different versions of songs and we knew that this performance was going to be some kind of risk. Chloe’s stunning performance of her song is the one that will feature on any recording of any kind that we may or may not be already planning … More to come on this!

The awards were fantastic fun to be at and we were treated like royalty by Terri Paddock, Russell Labey, Peter Huntley and of course, our Damian! There were some stunning performances in between the awards and non more so than the 3rd Year Arts Ed students. We sat in front of students that felt like consummate professionals and with all of our work at the MTA, it’s amazing to feel that the future of musical theatre performance lies in their hands and those of their teachers. In fact, we sat behind the Arts Ed teachers and you wouldn’t have found a prouder bunch – and rightly so.

Our immense thanks to What’s On Stage for asking us and for representing new musical theatre and new song writing at such a high profile event.

A mention must go the the MD Tom Deering and his love 12-piece band and also to his co-arranger Tom Kelly for their treatment of the song and showing us all how live musical theatre should be done. Maybe this can help the road to success when it comes to the Olivier awards actually recognising the MUSICal and all of those who work so hard to make one come to life.

Trust me, Stagey and Proud was just a piano/vocal until the arrangers came on board.

So there you have it, sheet music orders for the song (both versions) a flying from our online shelves and you can get your own right here should u feel so moved 🙂

And, if you missed it, here’s a wee vid of Sheridan singing the song.

Stagey and Proud – Sheridan Smith – What’s On Stage Awards 2013